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Before you buy a touch screen computer, let us assist you in deciding what type of touch screen computer is right for your needs.

A Guide

Touch Screen computers were once very uncommon, but there are begining to appear everywhere. If you're unfamiliar with the concept of touch screen computers, read our introduction to touch screen computers.

Why choose a touch screen computer?

Touch screen computers are definitely the way to go, with new exciting ideas being thought of every day, touch screen computers are here to make our lives easier. With Microsoft's new OS 'Windows 8' coming out soon there will be a high number of touch screen computers on the market, this operating system has been specifically made for touch screen computers, although you are still able to use a keyboard and mouse on this operating system for people who want to use this operating system on their desktop computers. Within this operating system you will be able to send messages to other people, phone other people and even have video calls to other people, as long as they are using the same software.

Touch screen computers have made it so much more accessible to have portable devices now. All touch screen computers have an on screen keyboard which takes up much less space, carrying a laptop around will soon be a thing of the past, soon everyone will be carrying around their very own touch screen computers such as iPad's, HP SmartTouch's, tablets and mobile phones. However the costs are higher

The Technology and Production

The technology involved with the production of touch screen computers will give you a good idea of what is actual involved with the prodution of touch screen computers, and why they costs more than an ordinary one.

Popular Types of Touch Screen Computers

Touch screens have made it every where even into phones, the iPhone introduced touch screen computers to many people. The Iphone is more of a computer than a phone. With its arrival many have followed with the same technology. Blackberry, Windows and Android Phones to mention a few.

Apple's iPhone and other hand held touch screen computers.

Apple has dominated the industry and introduced touch screen computer technology into MP3 players with the iPod Touch.

Of course we cannot forget to mention tablet computers, again whilst trying not to sound like and advert for Apple the iPad has redrawn the playing field.

Touch Screen Lap tops are probably what most people consider a touch screen computer, however with the changing technology tablets look to replace laptops within the next few years. Consider the Pro's and Con's.

Electronic books and E-Readers such as Sony's ereader and Amazon's Kindle device.

The History of Touch Screen Computers

Things have come a long way from the start in the 70's. Read how the music industry started the whole thing off. A history of touch screen computers.


Touch Screen Computers have and will continue to revolutionise the gaming industry and the experience, what touch screen computers will mean for the gaming industry.

Leading edge Technology

Touch Screen Computers is one thing, but the use of multi-touch technology in touch screen computers is a more advanced mechanism, allowing for more actions and involvement with the image. This is already deployed in a few devices, Multi Touch Technology in touch screen computers.

Future Technology

Haptics. Touch Screen computers which touch back, doesn't seem possible, does it? But it is comming soon. The future Touch Screen Computers and Haptics, the way of things to come.

The Directory

The directory of touch screen computer manufacturers, Coming Soon.

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