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Before you buy a touch screen computer, let us assist you in decidi ng what type of touch screen computer is right for your needs.

The Costs

So your thinking of buying a touch screen computer, and your not sure which one is right for you? How do you know your getting the best item for your money? Well first of all, before you think about buying a touch screen computer, you need to say to yourself… 'What do I need it for?' and 'What will I be using it for?' You will also need to set yourself a budget as there are many touch screen computers in the market all ranged at variously different price ranges. You have the Apple iPad 2 near the top of the scale ranging at about £400 - £660. Then you have other products near the lower end of the scale such as the 'Maylong M-150' priced at a very cheap $99, but seeing as most review websites rated this gadget as the 'Worst Gadget Ever' I would not recommend buying this touch screen computer for yourself, not even as a present for a friend. But you can find some decent touch screen computers within the price range of £100 - £170 that could definitely suit your needs.

Once you have then purchased your new touch screen computer there are so many more things you can add on to it such as widgets, applications and media. If you purchase an Apple, Blackberry or Android device you then have access to the Application store (App Store), Marketplace or Blackberry store. This is where you can download applications for your device. Some are free but there are some that you have to pay for.