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Before you buy a touch screen computer, let us assist you in deciding what type of touch screen computer is right for your needs.


E-readers are can be seen as the future for books. These touch screen computers allow for the upload of books, known in this case as 'e-books', to a singular device. This allows for the easy carry of hundreds of books which you can take with you anywhere. It is a touch screen computer as it implements the ability to swipe the screen in order to turn the page. It is a swift movement which also adds to the simplicity of an e-reader over a book.

They are high resolution which allows magazines and newspapers to also be imported onto them. Many also carry the ability to provide Internet which means you can browse on your e-reader. This makes it a very useful touch screen computers. You can also use this aspect in order to buy e-books while on the go. These e-books can be passed into the touch screen computer by wireless or wired connection to the e-reader, which makes it extremely useful. You also are given the ability to sample books before you buy them. While reading the e-book, readers are able to do similar things to a book: they can make annotations, highlight important sections and 'fold' the corners to remember where they are on these touch screen computers.

The e-book is a digital publications which can consist of both words and images on the touch screen computer. They were primarily created in the 1990's for specific tasks, such as manuals for technology, ect. Often using pdf format or others, these e-books have become more common to individual use for leisure and to e-readers.

Its use alongside Universities has increased. Now many courses include e-books. It helps to decrease the amount that a student would have to pay for course books, which in some cases can be extremely high. These e-books, through partnerships with universities, are produced free of charge for the students. This makes e-readers a very suitable touch screen computer in the student market.

Using e-ink, the e-reader works in a relatively simple way in accordance to other touch screen computers. E-ink is a type of technology which makes the touch screen computer look like paper. This gets rid of any problems which would arise from glare, and this in turn reduces eyestrain. Only when the page turns in the book does power get used as this is when the text changes. This allows this touch screen computer to have a high battery life of more than a couple of days. Seeing as it is an LCD touch screen computer, this battery life is very impressive. Other devices which use similar technology of LCD touch screens can be expected to last simply around 9 hours.

Like with any electronic device, e-readers can present problems that would not arise from the use of books. Touch screen computers can be dropped, and in this case they can be damaged. E-books can be recovered if lost, but e-readers have to be replaced. Though the e-books are cheap, the e-readers are not. Also, e-readers will never have the feel of a book which many have come to love. For these reasons, e-readers have not stretched out to the whole reading market.

There are several different brands of these e-readers. The most common of which is perhaps the Amazon Kindle. It allows wireless shopping for e-books through their website while on the move, and offers a variety of different capacities. Some Amazon Kindle touch screen computers will hold more e-books depending on their cost. They have a small keyboard on the bottom which allow for easy input of characters when searching for a particular book. At times a touch screen computer is complicated to type with when it does not have a keyboard attached. It can show several shades of grey, and uses e-ink as do other e-reader touch screen computers.

Another popular e-reader is the Sony Reader series. It has a benefit as it allows for reading in sunlight, which many LCD displays do not allow. It does not have the keyboard which the Kindle does, but it is an extremely good size which allows for easy transportation of this touch screen computer. When an e-book is downloaded for the Sony Reader, there is the ability to use it on up to six devices. This allows for sharing between friends or family who also have the Sony Reader touch screen computer.

Lastly, another of the main e-readers is the Nook for Barnes and Noble. This is an American e-reader touch screen computer. It is based off the Android platform. It only uses the touch screen and has no keyboard to input characters. It also allows for wireless connection.

There are other e-readers to look into, but these are the main three that you should consider when buying one of these touch screen computers.