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Before you buy a touch screen computer, let us assist you in deciding what type of touch screen computer is right for your needs.

Touch Screen Phones

Touchscreen Phones

Though not touch screen computers as we would expect, touch screen phones are becoming largely popular. It allows us to navigate through phone options in a more easy manner, and if it contains multitouch option, will give us more ways to manipulate photos and zoom in and out. Applications in these touch screen computers can allow for easier access to applications, and more applications in general. Yet, it is not simple to produce these phones. There are different mechanisms, each with their own disadvantage and advantage.

In the past there were different methods being invented. The first ever touch sense was called the 'Elographs'. This name derived from the words electronic and graphics. This was invented by Dr. Samuel Hurst and, working in a University, had a lot of information to read and mark. In order to make it easier, the Elegraph was used. The elograph was what made touch screen computers possible. Yet, it was not until a few years after wards that the first see through touch screen computer was created. This used the five-wire resistive mechanism. Though invented in 1977, it is still the most popular in use today for touch screen computers. The best system can sometimes be seen as the resistive as it allows the screen to be used by any objects, no matter if they are electrically charged.

Yet, the system with the most potential is the infrared mechanism whilst also being the most expensive. There is a reason for this expense; it lasts longer than other mechanisms and also allows through the greatest amount of light.

When considering buying a touch screen phone, it is important to consider to analyse the pros and cons of these touch screen computers. Though it can take time to get used to it, they have a clear ease of use. It stops the need for scrolling, especially if you are reading a particularly long Internet page. It sometimes varies how much pressure is necessary to place on the touch screens, and if there is too much pressure needed it can get frustrating. Cases can be obtained in order to protect them from break. As most of these touch screen computers have a plastic covering, it removes the worry of the monitor breaking when dropped. This is a difference case in the iPhone, but most android phones are good. Having to use a touch keyboard can get frustrating and you will often misclick unless you are used to it. Most people find normal keyboards on touch screen phones easier to use.